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Sélection de Grains Nobles : a lesson in patience

Remember our attempt to harvest a plot of Gewurztraminer in late harvest, an exceptional vintage which requires achieving a certain degree of sweetness in the grapes and in the juice.

It was then September 26, and Botrytis Cinerea (a fungus, also called "noble rot") had started to wilt the grape berries, but not enough. We then decided to postpone this late harvest project until later.

Almost a month later, this Monday, October 23, back in the Gewurztraminer parcel: the berries are well wilted, they look like small raisins loaded with sugar. It is time to harvest them: we must not allow the rains announced this week to damage them and reduce our efforts and our patience to nothing, or for the starlings to get ahead of us.

Under a gray and foggy sky, but with a team of harvesters in great shape, it was once again a beautiful harvest day.

And finally this Gewurztraminer offered us a very nice surprise: it exceeded the expectations of the late harvest, and will finally be classified as Sélection de Grains Nobles. A future very sweet, rich and concentrated wine, which we have not been able to produce since 2008!

Fifteen years later, we are very happy to be able to offer you Gewurztraminer SGN again (available for sale in 2025, time for us to work it well in the cellar).

No "Vendanges Tardives" in 2023, but good news: we were able to produce some last year. The Vendanges Tardives 2022 will be available for sale starting next spring.

Great prospects ahead for lovers of sweet wines!


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