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Press talk about us: Luxsure

Find our Gewurztraminer 2020 mentioned in an article from the magazine Luxsure, dedicated to desserts and food and wine pairings:

"If you want to taste a wine while enjoying a slice of gingerbread, a pumpkin pie or a delicious apple and spice cake, imagine them accompanied by Gewürztraminer [...] When you take a sip of Gewürztraminer, like the Allimant Laugner Gewürztraminer 2020, its subtle sweetness intervenes like a soothing melody, gently balancing the spices of your dessert."

We love the good recipes ideas!

Press Review: Luxsure “Desserts Et Accords Mets-Vins” by Pascal Iakovou - September 11, 2023


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