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Harvest time: Riesling Grand Cru Praelatenberg

Tuesday 26. September 2023

The day started in a plot of Gewurztraminer, where we had the hope of being able to harvest a late harvest. From pickers, our harvesters have become hunters, on the lookout for slightly wilted berries and this "noble rot" characteristic of late harvests. But ultimately after a few buckets collected, it appears that it would be difficult to reach the needed rates, and we prefer to change our mind.

Yes, that's the game of Late Harvest: a very special, demanding vintage, that we cannot produce every year.

Besides, we only have a few bottles of Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardives 2015 left, after which we will be out of stock, until the Gewurztraminer LH 2022 vintage is ready.

And for lovers of sweet wines, we advise you to try the Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Praelatenberg: a very interesting alternative for its roundness and aromatic richness, which will also find its place alongside end-of-year desserts and foie gras.

Change of strategy therefore for this harvest day: we are redirecting the team towards our Riesling plots in the Grand Cru Praelatenberg, the harvest of which was planned two days later. The beautiful golden grapees were just waiting for us!

It was once again a very beautiful harvest day, under a magnificent blue sky, with just the right amount of heat in the afternoon but without the scorching temperatures that we had experienced for the Crémants harvest.

While waiting to taste this new 2023 vintage (it will still need many months for complete aging, we need to be patient!), you can find the Riesling Grand Cru 2020, which was harvested on September 23, 2020. After fermentation 8 weeks in native yeasts, this 2020 vintage then spent 6 months aging on fine lees. Today it is ready to be tasted or returned to your cellars to age peacefully: Riesling Grand Cru is also an excellent wine for keeping!


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